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XP Won’t Bootup — Part 2

After a bit of searching around — back to 2003 (the problem is an old one) we find that it may not relate to mup.sys (Multiple UNC Provider driver — which handles network addresses like \\server123\publicfolder etc). The problem might be with the next driver to be loaded.

Another clue: when attempting a Normal-mode XP boot, the PC’s beeper gives intermittent high-pitched beeps and then a continuous beep. These beeps are low-volume, but quite annoying; I’m guessing around the 4000 Hz mark).

That may indicate a cpu, memory or motherboard problem… But why does the more sophisticated OS Win 7 work ?


XP Won’t Bootup

A few days ago the Club’s dual-boot PC refused to boot into XP after some sort of crash. Win 7 (64-bit) still boots OK.

XP boots into Safe-mode, but in Normal-mode, the progress colours keep cycling and we never get to the Desktop.

The last driver mentioned in the Safe-mode bootup was: c:\windows\system32\drivers\mup.sys — Mup ?

This gives us hope that the problem is minor and can be fixed by booting into Repair mode with the Installation disc.

Tuesday 24 May — MAIN Meeting — 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone, Alex here. Apologies for not making it to last month’s main meeting.

Sadly I might not be at this month’s main meeting either, as I have had to move to Canberra to help my parents with a massive clean out of the family home. I’ve been here for a week already and there’s two or three months of work to go… sigh. It’s not a permanent move; I will be back in Sydney, but for the time being I’m in Canberra.

So, who is coming to May’s main meeting? Microsoft’s Bing!

We’ve had Google come and visit us in the past, and with Bing the “other” search engine with a few tricks of its own, why not find out what Bing has to offer?

Coming from Bing will be Vincent Petit, the Consumer Search Manager, and Ming Foong, the Head of Search. Their message to us is:

“Find out more about online search and Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. The Australian Bing team will provide you with a quick snapshot of the importance of search today, and present the latest innovations we are bringing to Australians.”

Bing will be supplying a couple of packs of interesting merchandise and promotional stuff, which might or might not be Bing branded, but should be fun!

So… come along and discover what’s new about Bing and why it’s a legitimate challenger to Google!