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Tuesday 22 May – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone, it’s time again for the Main Meeting of the Sydney PC Users Group!

This month, we have Telstra’s Digital arm as our special guests, coming to talk about new ways that Telstra is genuinely serving its customers – ways that competitors aren’t yet offering, and ways that may well intrigue, fascinate and compel you to try out for yourself.

Our presenter is Monty Hamilton, the head of Digital Operations for Telstra Digital. His topic is entitled “How Telstra is using digital to change the way we serve our customers”, and we’ll learn, amongst other things, the new ways that Telstra is using Facebook to allow customers to manage their accounts, get customer service, questions answered and much more.

It’s important to note that, despite DECADES of promising service improvements, Telstra has REALLY made a MASSIVE effort over the past year to DRAMATICALLY improve customer service. As members may well imagine, I (Alex) am often on the front-lines, helping people with computer issues, and having to, on occasion, call Telstra tech support for Telstra customers having issues.

Normally, I’d be SCREAMING at some poor person on the other end of the line, and eventually, pulling out the “journalist card”, which magically fixes all problems. However, I have personally been EXTREMELY SURPRISED that I’ve not had to scream at Telstra once over the past year, which is so incredibly refreshing and unbelievable that occasionally I STILL wonder whether I’ve stepped into a parallel universe.

Thus, Monty’s presentation should prove absolutely fascinating – especially if you’ve ever had issues with Telstra in the past – as well as to discover how you too can interact with Telstra, when needed, through interfaces like Facebook and others.

I’ve also asked Monty to update us on Telstra’s 4G rollout, and on any other relevant Telstra updates he can give us. I’ve also asked if Telstra can provide some kind of raffle prize – we’ll have to wait and see on the night, although Monty has promised to try and get something for us.

So, come to the main meeting, get your questions answered, meet up with your friends, enjoy a cuppa, learn about Robert’s latest sites and items of interest, discover what new gizmo(s) I have in my pocket(s) and have fun!

See you there,
Cheers and best regards