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Uploading HTML Emails to a Website

A GREAT discovery for the uploading of the Club’s weekly Newsletter emails to the Club’s website.

I’ve been experimenting with some of those emails, saving them as .eml files, and writing brilliant Perl scripts to decode all the data – especially extracting the images (.png, .gif etc) and I’ve succeeded in doing all that.

But the last part was to pick out the image filenames and produce plain HTML to make it work with a browser.

It turns out that all that is unnecessary, since Microsoft (in their wisdom), made the .eml format the same as the .mht format (which browsers can decode and display like ordinary HTML with images) !!

So much for my slaving over hot Perl code 😦

Here is the URL to check:

And here is a screen-shot from the blurb:

Eml to mht

So just rename 5 years of Newsletters (250 emails) from .eml to .mht and we’re done ! ( Plus a bit of FTP uploading.)