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April Main Meeting — Report

Well, that was a meeting we could have had in the traditional telephone-booth!

A dozen turned up at the venue, but we had the computer, projector and display screen set up with various Q&A puzzles to discuss among ourselves.

Probably too short notice. Or everyone interstate visiting the grand-children for Easter.

Anyway, there’s always next month’s main meeting.


Tuesday 19 April – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm — ONE WEEK EARLY

This month’s Main Meeting will be held one week early because Easter Monday (25th April)
coincides with ANZAC Day this year, thus making Tuesday 26th April
a Public Holiday.

 Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Instead of having a presenter, we’ll take the time to go through the Question and Answer session, and then we’ll look at the iPad 2, which can now output all on-screen video, interface and all, to VGA and HDMI ports on monitors and TVs.

While it doesn’t herald the “revolutionary” change we all know will inevitably come in next year’s iPad 3, the iPad 2 is still noticeably thinner, noticeably faster, noticeably still 10-hours of battery life and noticeably cooler than not only the original, but all other tablets out there.

The competition has certainly advanced and has grown a lot stronger than last year’s iPad clones, and while we’ll definitely be looking at those in more detail later this year, we’ll also take a quick look at some of the iPad 2’s competitors for 2011.

While a couple of tablets besides the iPad 2 have launched in 2011, most of those seen at the CES Show in Las Vegas still aren’t available and are still to come in the next few months – all while the iPad 2 sells like hotcakes.

Because the iPad 2’s entire interface and OS can be mirrored, it will be a dramatically different presentation to last time with the iPad 1 and much more interesting and fun – so come along to the main meeting to see what all the iFuss is about!

Prizes will include a copy of the latest Norton 360 v5 with a 3-user license, two Intel USB men, the niftiest plastic cups you ever dang saw and if possible, something else!