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How to make your PC More effective.

Brent Roberts

Utility programs most people will find useful.

PC’s are powerful and flexible problem solving tools.

Unfortunately the PC purchased from the store can not be manufactured to solve all your unique problems. Problems will vary with the work style of the operator and the type of work being done. Listed below are some utility programs that most people will find useful in making the PC more productive.

These include ;

  • Clipmate,
  • Recentx,
  • Notezilla,
  • My Base Desktop,
  • Personal Brain.

There are many useful utility programs available to fine-tune a PC to the user’s needs. Some are beneficial to most users, others are only useful to users with specific needs. Work styles of the user can influence the value of the utility program. Few people use all the options available with the program, but many people will find a few options very useful. Most utility programs have a free trial period to give new users a chance to try them and see how well they meet the user’s needs. Talk to your friends, join a PC user group, check on the web for details about how to use utility programs. It will be time well spent.

In future posts I will explore some of these programs and how they can be used to enhance PC productivity.

Aug. 23, 2013


Tuesday 27 August – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm for 5:45pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

It is the august month of August, and time again for a Main Meeting update!
David Hall, Symantec’s Regional Product Marketing Manager, will be joining us at the Sydney PC User Group’s August Main Meeting to tell us about all things new with Norton.

From the move to a versionless vision of very proactive anti-virulent Internet security, through to “everywhere” Norton protection, Symantec’s superior security strengths will be sublimely showcased, offering bountiful benefits and fulsome features you won’t want your digital devices and online life to be without!

Naturally, David will be generously bringing along a couple of copies of the latest and greatest Norton suites, and while we’ll learn about the newest net nasties terrorising the world’s cyber citizens, we’ll also experience the elevated excellence and pure peace-of-mind that Symantec’s software powerfully promises and dutifully delivers.

You’ll also naturally enjoy our regular segments, from news, sites and interesting info through to having Q&A questions answered, and where necessary, answers questioned.

So, see you at the next main meeting!

How to make your PC More useful

Brent Roberts

Overview – The Big Picture

PC magazines mainly focus on specific programs and how to use them for best results from that program. That is a good start but not the complete solution.

No single factor will fully maximise results obtained from using a PC. A number of factors must be considered to get the best results with the least effort. These factors will vary from person to person and application to application. The way these factors are combined can be a factor as well.

Articles contained in this blog focus on finding the best way to solve problems encountered by PC users.

These factors include;
· The work style of the user – does he/she prefer to use The Mouse, Function keys, Short-cuts, Control-keys, Batch files, or a combination of these options,
· Does the application he/she is using – Open-source programs, Commercial programs, Video files, High level graphics, other special functions, favour a special style,
· Operating systems – Windows, Unix, Apple, are a factor as well,
· Is the PC used by multiple operators that have different work styles,
· Processor selection – Apple, Intel, can impact the work flow as well.

Posts will be added to this blog outlining various approaches to solving some of the roadblocks encountered by most users. Some of the fixes will focus on problems that no program deals with; examples –

· Cluttered desktops,
· Poor disk file management,
· Correct training,
· Good documentation,
· Configuring the PC hardware and software to best meet the user’s needs.

Other entries will focus on configuring existing software to make it more user-friendly and productive. A selection of utility programs that can improve the throughput of PC system, will be discussed as well.

Find help in solving PC problem on the Internet. Listed below are some sites that may be useful.

Brent Roberts
Aug 16, 2013