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Tuesday 24 November – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

2015 has flown by so fast that we have now arrived at the last Main Meeting of the year!

The year has seen Windows 10, iPad Pro, smartwatches, Android 6.0, iOS 9, virtual reality headsets, more malware, advances in robotics and plenty more – and as always, the best is still yet to come!

I have a review iPad Pro in my possession that I will be able to show on Tuesday night, complete with its keyboard and the Apple Pencil, along with some interesting videos of future technology which I shared at the ASCCA conference.

I will also be presenting at Customs House on the same day as the Sydney PC User Group’s Main Meeting from 2 to 4pm, so if you are around and want to see an extended presentation with plenty more that I did not have time to show at ASCCA or will have time to show at the Sydney PC Users Group, then please check out the Customs House meeting, too.

But who will be our Main Meeting presenter in November?

I had tried to organize Microsoft to be there, but it looks like we will have them appear in early 2016 – they have been very busy this year with Windows 10 and the coming Windows 10 Mobile for smartphones as you can imagine.

So, Symantec has very kindly stepped up as our Main Meeting presenter for the brand new Norton Security in an earlier timeslot than normal so we can enjoy Christmas drinks and nibbles at 7.30pm – and they are being very generous as you will see in a moment!

Symantec advises that today’s world is one where cybercriminals are working overtime trying to find new ways to steal personal information. In fact, according to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, there were nearly one million new threats released into the wild each day in 2014.

Naturally, Symantec says it is ‘increasingly important for consumers to take steps to protect themselves in this highly complex and connected world, no matter what device they are using.’

So, to help consumers overcome this challenge, Symantec has recently launched Norton Security Premium — an advanced, multi-layered protection solution that helps shield consumers from sophisticated and evolving threats across all platforms.

Mark Shaw, Security Expert at Symantec, will be our guest presenter, giving us an overview of the evolving security threat landscape and highlighting some of the key features and benefits of its latest security solution — Norton Security Premium. You will have the chance to see this solution in action and be in the running to win a 5 user licence in the raffle!

Plus each attendee will also receive a free single-user licence copy of Norton Security Premium!

I am sure a few other prizes can be rustled up, too!

So — see you at the final Sydney PC Users Group Main Meeting of the year!


WEB SIG Woes — Locked out of the 3rd Floor — AGAIN

Today we had our usual WEB SIG room booked on the 1st floor, 280 Pitt Street Sydney, but were bumped (without notice) to a 3rd floor meeting room.

We should have known that after an unknown number of minutes (probably 10 or 20 — no-one has officially told us), the lifts will no longer go up to the 3rd floor.

After the last time this happened (in 2012) we thought that the Management had understood our wish to visit the 1st floor kitchens for our coffee break and then RETURN to the 3rd floor. We had expected some solution to this problem. Some hope!

Oh NO. They’ve made no such provision in their clever computer-controlled-lifts. What  absolute contempt!

We weren’t so stupid as to allow ourselves to be trapped again at the coffee break.

BUT when we were exiting the building, one of us remembered the chicken in the refrigerator!

As you can now guess, those chickens are stuck there for the duration.

Good luck to the staff on Monday morning!