Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tuesday 28 June — MAIN Meeting — 5.30 pm – 8.30 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone!

The main meeting is nearly upon us, and our main meeting presenter is Mikaela Lancaster from NineMSN and Microsoft’s “Windows Live” team.

Here we’ll learn that Hotmail will celebrate its 15th Birthday in July, we’ll learn about “key features” that “people may not be familiar with” such as the mysterious-sounding “sweep function”, we’ll learn about the SkyDrive service and “Active View”, and we’ll learn some “fun Hotmail facts”.

Naturally, Mikaela Lancaster will also be able to answer any questions we might have, and if history is any guide, we’ll have plenty of questions for Ms Lancaster to cast her eye over!

I’ll also be at next week’s main meeting for the question and answer session, so see you at the main meeting!


XP Won’t Bootup — Part 3

After much Google searching for advice, booting XP in Safe-Mode and trying Restore Points (as far back as a month), nothing let XP boot up completely (just the moving blue squares).

We were then forced to reinstall XP afresh. This, of course, knocked out the dual-boot menu we had before. Microsoft warned us about this “Install the older OS first, then the later one”. Well, Windows 7 worked perfectly, so we weren’t about to reinstall that — just XP.

We tried downloading EasyBCD (which we were assured runs on XP) to construct a boot menu. Unfortunately, with a newly installed XP, it did not have any Service Packs installed. EasyBCD used the .NET Framework which, of course, failed to install. This left XP in a strange state (not recognizing USB memory sticks), although after initial XP installation they were recognized correctly.

We then booted from the Windows 7 Installation disc and reconstructed the boot menu.

We may now have to reinstall XP to get it back on its feet.