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Tuesday 23 February – Main Meeting – 6–8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt


This month’s main meeting guest is Acronis, a company that hasn’t presented to the SPCUG since 2008, and they’re coming to tell us about their new Acronis Backup and Security 2010.

Acronis is well known for its backup and disaster recovery software, with consumers likely most familiar with “True Image Home 2010”, backup software that pounds the free Windows backup software into the dust.

Now, Acronis has taken that entire backup engine, and has merged it with BitDefender’s Internet security technologies, to deliver an Internet Security software package that has a truly industrial strength backup technology, effectively surpassing that of its competitors, while branching Acronis out into an entirely new direction.

Simon Howe

Simon Howe, Acronis’ Country Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand will be along to present to us next Tuesday, and he has promised to show us actual features and a proper demonstration – I’ve asked him not to give us the same kind of “doom and gloom” presentation we had from Symantec in November – but a showing of how the software works instead, along with information on Acronis’ other products.

So, come along to the main meeting, get your questions answered in the Q&A, see some interesting video of Microsoft’s upcoming new “Windows 7 Phone”, hear a bit of news about 3D Television coming to Australia by mid-2010, learn about some cool new web sites, catch up with your user group friends and re-celebrate the start of 2010 even though it’s February!

See you there, Alex.


KompoZer Crashes – For the Last Time

That’s the final KompoZer crash, folks.

Even with DEP turned off (see previous post, below) it still crashes. It seems to fail when either going from Normal to Source view, or vice versa. It’s just unusable. Sorry.

According to the Help | About KompoZer, the current version is “0.7.10 (20070831)”. I’ll come back when the version changes to 1.0 !

KompoZer Last Crash

KompoZer Crashes

We are investigating KompoZer for use in our Web Design SIG, as an alternative to NetObjects Fusion.

KompoZer is a freeware HTML editor which is the successor to Nvu, now maintained by the Mozilla Foundation (of Firefox fame).

Unfortunately, it runs foul of DEP – Data Execution Prevention.

KompoZer DEP Crash

DEP is a recent CPU innovation by Intel and AMD intended to prevent viruses from pushing arbitrary code onto the stack and executing it there. Most normal programs do not do this.

Malicious programs can thereby completely circumvent Anti-Virus code which only scans the static executable before running.

Microsoft allows you to 1) turn on DEP for all programs, 2) only for the Operating System, 3) turn it off for selected programs or 4) turn off DEP completely.

Microsoft recommend turning DEP off, if necessary, for only the most trusted programs. KompoZer may be trusted, but it still crashes even with DEP turned off.

Here is a very interesting blog article on this very topic, including some crash warning signs 🙂