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Tuesday 27 July – Main Meeting – Report

The Annual General Meeting went smoothly, with members Roger Foulds and John Mathews joining the Committee. Congratulations. Nibbles (including hot cocktail franks) and drinks were provided after the Main Meeting.

The planned Toshiba talk was postponed because the team was in the middle of a Road Show somewhere in Australia. However, Alex found a quick replacement – Samsung. They showed off their latest laptops and netbooks all with improved battery technology. We all wanted one.


Tuesday 27 July – Main Meeting – 6–8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

The July Main Meeting is but days away, and after the obligatory yearly AGM, our invited guests, who have supported the Sydney PC Users Group before, will come on stage again to show us their latest and greatest, with some very nice technologies to demonstrate.

The company in question is Toshiba, and they have, from memory, 17 new consumer notebooks and netbooks, 19 new business notebook models, one “Android OS” powered “Cloud Companion” computer, one “dual-screen” Libretto ultra portable PC (with a second screen where normally the keyboard would be placed), two upcoming new Tablets / iPad competitors (due September or October), some new HD camcorders and some new big flat panel TVs, along with 3D Gaming notebooks.

It’s a real powerhouse of products, with something for everyone at every price point, with Toshiba’s brilliantly named Anthony Geronimo coming to present. He is Toshiba’s Product Manager of Marketing for its Consumer Division, and in charge of Toshiba’s consumer range, although he is also able to answer any business related questions on the new range, and will happily delve into the details, new features and new benefits that the 2010 range from Toshiba offers us all.

So – come along to the July Main Meeting – be in the raffle to win a Toshiba portable computer of some kind (exactly which one is to be confirmed but there will be a portable computer to win!) – get your Q&A questions answered – put yourself up, if you can, to help the group in some higher capacity when our AGM is on – meet your fellow technology loving friends – see Toshiba’s massive new range – and have some fun!

See you there,