Monthly Archives: September 2015

Tuesday 22 September – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

This month, we have two fantastic presentations for you!

Our first presenter this month is leading Australian streaming TV service provider, Presto.

A creation of Australia’s leading subscription television provider, Foxtel, Presto offers movies and TV shows on demand, on a low cost monthly subscription basis, both in SD and, as of last month, now over 2500 hours of Full HD content.

Packed with top quality content from top-notch Australian shows such as Wentworth and A Place to Call Home, through to quality US programming such as Modern Family, The Walking Dead, Mr Robot, Aquarius and many, many more.

Presto also has a wealth of recent movie content that you will easily and readily recognise, from the Captain Americas to Lucy, Whiplash, Transformers, Boyhood and much, much more.

Our guest presenter is Richard Cole, Senior Product Manager – IP Services Presto/Foxtel, who will be on hand to explain and present it all, and will answer all our questions.

We’ll get a chance to see the simplicity of Presto’s interface, the quality of Presto’s streaming and we’ll learn about all the devices you can access Presto on.

Presto is also generously giving away TWO full 12 month subscriptions for the raffle, while all members are invited to sign up for Presto’s free 30-day trial of the Presto TV & Movie package, so this will be an excellent first presentation, held between 6.30pm and 7.00pm.

Our second special guest presenters this month hail from leading pre-paid Australian telco, Amaysim.

It has been three or four years since Amaysim last visited the Sydney PC Users Group, and much has happened since that time.

Amaysim now not only offers a range of affordable 4G plans on the Optus network with more data than ever before, including its great ‘As you go’ plan, but also offers a range of affordable data packs designed to bring connectivity to tablets and even older smartphones. The company has also successfully listed on the Australian Stock Exchange earlier this year, and we’ll learn about it all on Tuesday night.

Presenting from Amaysim will be Ged Mansour, Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications and Natasha McNamara, Communications Executive will be on hand to explain Amaysim’s offerings, the state of the industry and answer any technical questions.

Indeed, Ged remarked to me that when he last visited the SPCUG, he was very impressed with the level of technical knowledge our members had due to the quality of the questions asked that night.

Amaysim will be generously bringing along a couple of prizes, too, which should be a couple of SIM cards with several months of free airtime and data – it’ll all be confirmed on the night. There will also be a small surprise for each member attending on the night from Amaysim.

As usual, we’ll also have our regular segments including consumer reports, news, and interesting websites. We’ll likely have to compress some of these a little to fit some Q&A time in, otherwise you’ll have to come and talk to me during the break!

So, please come along to the next main meeting and learn about the latest from Presto and Amaysim!