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Tuesday 24 January — Main Meeting 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

It may be getting towards the end of January, but it’s still not too late to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year.

We will start our year with two top presentations from two great companies.


The first is at 6.30pm, where our special guest presenter will be Shaniel Datt, Product & Training Manager at Internet security company Trend Micro.

Shaniel presented Trend Micro’s Internet Security suite last July, noting that it was the first to include anti-ransomware protection – an excellent write-up by Steve South of the July 2016 meeting is here:

So, what will Shaniel present in January of 2017?

He will showcase and demonstrate Trend Micro’s new Home Network Security product.

Home Network Security protects devices which access the network from cyber attacks and malicious websites. It also protects you from privacy intrusion and data loss and includes features that allow you to monitor and restrict web usage for kids.

Given the cyber threats coming from various Internet sources today, to ourselves, our devices, our children and our grand children, Shaniel’s presentation is a must-attend event!

There will also be some prizes from Trend Micro for the raffle – even more reason to learn about Trend’s latest and greatest.


Our second presentation starts at 7.15pm, where our next special guest presenter will be Ian Blackhall, Head of Marketing at top Australian pre-paid mobile phone company, Boost Mobile.

Boost Mobile last presented at our group in January of 2015, two years ago, and with the mobile industry moving so incredibly rapidly, and with the unbelievably great value offers by pre-paid mobile providers today, it’s the perfect time to be re-introduced to Boost.

And, that is exactly what Ian Blackhall will do, introducing us to the Boost Mobile of 2017 and its array not only of very competitive mobile plans and super fast 4G connectivity, but also its great value pre-paid smartphones.

Boost is special in the world of pre-paid mobile network companies because it is the only Telstra-based pre-paid provider to offer access to the entire Telstra phone network, not just part of it as is the case with others.

As an added bonus, Ian will be bringing along a couple of Android smartphones for the raffle, as well as a couple of Boost Mobile backpacks which are perfect for summer and, if memory serves, have some excellent summer-themed goodies within!

So, it will be a jam-packed main meeting with great information and fantastic raffle prizes.

If you have friends or family you can bring along, please do, as they’ll greatly enjoy the information on offer, and it could well save their digital lives and teach them how to save money while getting a better and faster phone and mobile Internet service!

I have also written a President’s Message to all group members, and this will be emailed to you over the weekend.

So – please come along on Tuesday night, it will be a fantastic meeting which you will regret missing, so see you then!

Best regards