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Tuesday 23 October – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

With tablets and smartphones having ushered in the “post-PC” era that Apple is so fond of talking about, it’s no surprise to a stunning range of accessories having been created for these incredibly popular, stunningly versatile and amazingly portable devices.

So, just what kind of accessories are now available? Well, October’s Main Meeting will see a presentation from Chad DeClase, the Managing Director of iWorld Australia, who will be showing off some amazing “appcessories” (as they call them), which ranges from arcade machine add-ons for your iPad, to an “electric guitar” accessory that turns an iPad into the most amazing “real life” guitar you’ve ever seen called the “All Star Guitar”, through to a stack of other stuff for smartphones and tablets that will blow your socks off.

iWorld has a huge range and will be showing us their “best of the best” – as well as giving all main meeting attendees who buy a raffle ticket the chance to win a super nifty gizmo “appcessory” gadget or two.

iWorld is giving two presentations to Sydney based tech journalists on Wednesday, the day after SPCUG’s Tuesday main meeting, so we’ll be getting the chance to see the very latest gadgets before Australia’s tech journos get their chance to see and play, putting us in spot of truly getting to see what will be the talk of tech blogs and newspaper columns before anyone else!

So – if you’re keen to see how amazing today’s latest accessories for smartphones and tablets really are – and want to get your chance to ask questions, suggest your own future accessories, be in the raffle to win and get your usual Q&A questions, Robert’s top Internet site and software finds and plenty more – be there at Tuesday’s main meeting!

See you there!