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Windows 7 (64-bit) – No Sound – The Solution

As per the advice in the previous Post, we uninstalled the sound device (not the sound drive – see red text below) from Device Manager and then clicked on Action | Scan for hardware changes.

This re-instated the sound. Amazing. Many thanks to Graham Grant at the keyboard.


Windows 7 (64-bit) – No Sound

Since we installed Windows 7 (64-bit) in August 2009, we have heard No Sound. We have very little access time to the computer before SIG meetings (30 minutes setup time max), so the problem has not yet been solved.

We dual-boot with XP on this machine and hear the XP System and video sounds normally, so the hardware is fine.

We will be concentrating on fixing this problem in the next few SIG meetings, but it seems that there are many people around the world with the same problem.

One of Microsoft’s own Forums has a Jan 2010 post:

Sunday, January 03, 2010 1:42 AM

Easy fix: uninstall the sound drive [sic] and reinstall using the original CD. Let me know if this doesn’t work…

Obviously the writer has not tried this (or doesn’t have the problem), so it is up to those who do to experiment.

Internet advice — 20% experience, 80% guess-work. 🙂