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Tuesday 27 September — Main Meeting 5:30pm – 8:00pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

September Main Meeting!

This Tuesday, we should have Jabra giving us a presentation.

Jabra is a fantastic company making Bluetooth headsets of various types, not only for personal use with our smartphones, tablets and computers, but also in business situations.

I’m still waiting to hear back on Monday whether Jabra is able to present, or not.

If Jabra isn’t able to present, then I will be showcasing iOS 10 and macOS Sierra – the two latest operating systems from Apple, the first for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch models, and the second for Macs.

I’ll show some of this whether Jabra is presenting or not, because there’s some cool stuff to see, including Siri, the digital assistant which is now available on mac OS to counter Cortana on Windows 10.

If Jabra is able to present, they should have at least one Bluetooth headset to give away.

I should also be able to bring a few basic gadgets along.

Either way, we will see the very latest in technology, as well as a cool video showing a ‘HOLODECK’ in real life from an Australian company. It’s a 15 minute video so we might just put the link on the Sydney PC site so you can watch it at home in your own time.

So – come along to the September main meeting, where you will definitely see some great new stuff and, as always, get the chance to win some interesting prizes if you buy a raffle ticket.

In October we have Asus presenting – and likely a second presenter.

In November we will have Microsoft BACK – this time staff from the Microsoft Store in Pitt St. They will show off the latest features in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update edition, something which most people running Windows 10 should have had downloaded to their computers by now, but which your computer might still be waiting to download. We’ll also learn more about the Microsoft Store and its services, as well as more about the Surface Pro range of computers from Microsoft!

See you on Tuesday!

Best regards,