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Tuesday 26 Oct – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

John Mathews

We now have two presenters at tomorrow night’s Main Meeting.

Choice is sending Ashton Mills and Steve Duncombe to tell us about Choice’s computer test labs and test procedures.

A subscription to “Choice Computer” will be added to the prizes to be won and some of Choice’s publications will be given to lucky attendees.

As previously announced AVG’s Marketing and Security Guru, Lloyd Borrett, will also be at the meeting to showcase AVG’s 2011 range of security products.

It will be a very interesting meeting.

So come along and enjoy the evening.

John M

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Lloyd BorrettIt’s Internet Security time again, and this time we have AVG’s Marketing and Security Guru, Lloyd Borrett, visiting us to showcase AVG’s latest 2011 range of security products.

There is the ever popular AVG Free and the free Linkscanner software that scans the sites you’re visiting in real time to ensure they’re safe before you go there.

AVG also has paid products, from AVG Anti-Virus through to the full AVG Internet Security 2011, as well as editions for small, medium and large businesses.

Lloyd will share some of AVG’s latest findings and explain how Linkscanner and AVG are better and faster than ever.

Lloyd will also have some copies of AVG Internet Security to give away as he has done in years past.

So, come and learn about AVG’s 2011 range of security products and why AVG’s Linkscanner technology blows the competition – and the bad guys – out of the water!

See you there.



Locked Out Again

The Seniors SIG meeting yesterday, October 8th, is supposed to meet at 10 am with lift access to the first floor from 9.30 am to allow time to re-arrange the seating and set up the computer and projector.

However, we were left stranded in the foyer until after 9.45 am when we had to beg an employee to use her card to gain access to the floor.

This has happened many times before, so why are we surprised?

Who is to blame?

  • New management
  • Newly restored Internet access (after a month’s downtime, showing the level of their “computer-savvy”)
  • Absent employees who have responsibility for programming the lift access?

You choose!

Internet Access Back

The official announcement about the club’s Internet access:

Some SIGs have been unable to connect to the Internet from the club’s computer in recent weeks.

You will be pleased to know that the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts has now found and repaired the fault.

A wireless card has also been installed in the club’s computer to ensure that a backup system is available should a similar problem occur in the future.

The club has been having access problems for about a month. How can a building with tenants on 9 floors survive this in the city? We don’t know.

Most of the SIG presenters have wireless Internet access on their laptops, so were not totally hamstrung.

Now that our main computer has wireless access, we have belt and braces.