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Web Design SIG 19 December – Report

Robert Hume

We discussed knee replacements. It seems Bill may need one?

We then looked at NetObjects Fusion and made a small typo change – not mine.
We then looked at my “new” site, and examined the GO Menu option. It was interesting and we found out how the main one works. We looked at making a hierarchy menu but unfortunately this version does not do it. We think Ver 10 does.

Next meeting is the 17th January 2010. See you there.



President’s Message

Warren Wyllie
SPCUG President

Best wishes to all our members.

2009 has been another good year and 2010 can be even better. We’re doing well financially and enjoying great presentations at the main meetings. I’d like to see some new SIGs starting up, if the interest is there. My suggestion is a Smart Phone SIG. There are more and more of these phones coming out with built-in keyboards, which open up lots of possibilities.

Do you have any thoughts on other new SIGs you’d like to see, or any other ways of adding interest or enjoyment?

On behalf of the committee I wish all our members a happy and safe festive season.

Tuesday 22 December – Main Meeting – 6–8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Want to know more about Windows 7 now that it’s been out on the market for a couple of months and new deals from Microsoft and plenty of new Windows 7 hardware and PCs in stores are now available?

Then come along to our last meeting for 2009 and even the decade, unless you believe the end of the decade is actually December 31, 2010, and learn more about Microsoft’s best-ever operating system!

More compatible than Vista with just about everything, with a user interface sporting genuinely useful changes and enhancements, it’s the operating system that’s breathing new life into older PCs with XP and especially Vista, and actually delivering a surprisingly consistent level of trouble-free performance.

Of course, if you go loading your system with endless freely downloadable shovelware from free-software-of-the-day sites and elsewhere online, then you are likely to experience more problems than the everyday Windows 7 user. Perhaps a lot more, especially if you’re sucked into downloading innocent looking toolbars that mask adware, if not spyware.

All that aside, Windows 7 is undeniably Microsoft’s best yet, delivering a far more polished and reliable experience than XP has ever delivered. if you’ve got questions about upgrading or the new hardware on sale at retail now, and what’s coming in 2010, along with the latest on Apple’s iPad/iPhone Pro rumours, as well as getting a brief preview of CES, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas every January, then come along to the December Main Meeting of the SPCUG!

See you there, Alex.

Meeting Place Security Enhanced

The Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts building management has recently enhanced the security of our meeting place.

Previously, a few of us (including all SIG Leaders) have had keys to the computer cupboard on the 1st floor.  The actual meeting rooms themselves were not locked. Unfortunately, after several thefts, this will now change.

The organiser of each meeting now needs to collect the key for the specific room from the building Manager on the 3rd floor during business hours (before 5:15 pm).

For a weekend meeting (such as the Web Design SIG this coming Saturday) the key must be collected on Friday. Thanks Peter.

Keys are returned via a letter-box slot in a wall-safe elsewhere.

Here’s hoping that these arrangements add to the security.