Monthly Archives: March 2016

Main meeting Tuesday 22 March 2016

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone!
Last month was Microsoft, and next month is Intel.

This month was meant to be many different companies, but by the end, only
one presenter was able to confirm their availability for the March main
meeting – and he’ll be taking us on an amazing journey. It won’t be called
‘Today Tonight’, but the far snazzier and more exciting ‘Tomorrow Tonight’.

At the meeting, we’ll learn about Hisense’s latest range of ULED 4K TVs,
being launched globally in Australia first – before the US and other parts
of the world get access.

Then we’ll take a look at Samsung’s newest smartphone, the S7 series, which
restores the waterproof capability from the S5 range, and restores the
ability to plug in a microSD expansion slot.

Want to see a flagship $1250 phone in a pitcher of water again? We’ll make
it happen.

We’ll take a peek at the world’s first autonomous pizza delivery vehicle,
designed in Australia.

Then we’ll see what Epson’s latest 3rd-generation Smart Glasses look like
and what they’ll do for workers later this year.

We’ll follow this up with a closer look at the news that Sunday, 3 April is free
Telstra data download day, if you’re a Telstra mobile customer – something
that should also apply to Boost members.

We’ll take a look at the world’s first modular smartphone, which will
launch into the Australian market in April.

Finally, we’ll take a look at movements in the MVNO pre-paid space and will
investigate what may well be the best value phone plan in Australia – with
unlimited calls and a range of data limits.

Chances are you will have guessed who our mystery presenter will be,
showing us all these wonderful things, as well as answering questions.

However, if you haven’t guessed yet, well, you’ll find out on Tuesday.

A series of prizes has been prepared, from an older Android phone no longer
needed through to various other tech stuff!

So, please make your way to Tuesday’s main meeting, and as always, I’ll see
you there!

Best regards