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Tuesday 22 June – Main Meeting – 6–8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

June Main Meeting – wireless and portable energy for your digital devices.

Our June main meeting presenters hail from the world of energy – wireless energy to charge your digital devices from two different companies.

Powermat will demonstrate their wireless charging system that lets you recharge iPhones, Nintendo DS consoles, other mobile and smartphones and more using a wireless docking system that solves the multiple charger and cable conundrums in the home or office using the very latest technology that is setting off the wireless power revolution!

Our second presenter is from the similarly named but separate company, PowerTraveller. PowerTraveller has a wide range of portable battery packs for digital devices, letting you carry spare power around with you when your phone or other gadget needs more juice, and ways to recharge power packs using electricity or solar power – from units designed for phones right up to units powerful enough to give your laptop hours of extra life.

Both product ranges are distributed in Australia by Simms, but hail from different parent companies overseas, and present an excellent look into the latest alternative and conventional energy solutions and how they can help you live better and more convenient digital lives!

Naturally there will be prizes to be won on the night and all questions are, as always, welcomed by the presenters.

Earlier today I (Alex) was invited to a conference in Hong Kong and will be there from the 25th of June until the 1st of July, so sadly I won’t be at this main meeting either, but I’ll certainly be at the next main meeting and June’s presenters will be very different and interesting to see, plus some members will be winning some of the gear on show so it’s definitely worth getting to the June main meeting – and getting energised!!

So… I’ll see you next month but you’ll see everyone else – and the presentations – on Tuesday the 29th 22nd of June!


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Theme Twenty Ten Dropped

The Twenty Ten theme looked very attractive (see pic, below), however the side-bars only contained Search, Archives and Meta.

All the Pages, Categories, BlogRoll and Links had vanished!

We will try Garland instead.