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Tuesday 22 January – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2013 – the year that some thought the Mayans said would never happen. Thankfully, Mayan predictions of doom and gloom were off-the-mark, so much so that not only is 2013 with us, but ’tis with us while packing some serious heat – heat that is apparently, for the most part, soon set to be over.

Ruminations on the weather aside, the Sydney PC Users Group has enlisted the assistance of its most trusted backup presenter to present a presentation of wonder and amazement, bringing forth news of the delights from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the many knick-knacks, gadgets and gizmos that were unveiled at the event.

Our backup presenter (who may be well known to you, or at least should be) has presented on various occasions in the past, and while he sometimes sees people nodding off while he speaks, he nevertheless hopes that what happens in Vegas definitely does not stay in Vegas, or he won’t have too much to present.

He will also be able to answer any pressing questions you might have, or at least try to – with Mr Google stepping in when required to add his 2c to the question equation.

There WILL be prizes as well, and while they are modest, whoever wins them should presumably be happy enough to have done so.

So… for your fill of 2013’s newest gadgets and what are expected to be its most popular tech trends, forget about staying at home and watching repeats on Channel Go, no, go instead to the Sydney PC User’s Group main meeting, meet our trusty backup presenter, see your user group friends, enjoy a crisp cuppa and a few bikkies, buy a raffle ticket or two and be among the who’s who of the user group zoo.

See you on Tuesday!
Best regards