WEB SIG Woes — Locked out of the 3rd Floor — AGAIN

Today we had our usual WEB SIG room booked on the 1st floor, 280 Pitt Street Sydney, but were bumped (without notice) to a 3rd floor meeting room.

We should have known that after an unknown number of minutes (probably 10 or 20 — no-one has officially told us), the lifts will no longer go up to the 3rd floor.

After the last time this happened (in 2012) we thought that the Management had understood our wish to visit the 1st floor kitchens for our coffee break and then RETURN to the 3rd floor. We had expected some solution to this problem. Some hope!

Oh NO. They’ve made no such provision in their clever computer-controlled-lifts. What ¬†absolute contempt!

We weren’t so stupid as to allow ourselves to be trapped again at the coffee break.

BUT when we were exiting the building, one of us remembered the chicken in the refrigerator!

As you can now guess, those chickens are stuck there for the duration.

Good luck to the staff on Monday morning!



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