Tuesday 24 February – AGM and MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

The topic for this month’s meeting is IDENTITY and MONEY THEFT – are you or your loved ones at risk? The answer is sadly, YES!

This is one PC User Group Main Meeting you don’t want to miss. Bring your friends, kids, neighbours – they need to know that it is easier than ever before for your credit card/debit card or other card (even Passport!) details to be skimmed.

In fact, criminals can now install an app onto their smartphones, which enables them to conduct the fraudulent activity. With technology moving at a rapid pace, in terms of payment and criminal technology, Armourcard Director, Tyler Harris, believes it’s vital that we take proactive measures to prevent losing our hard earned cash. Armourcard is a company dedicated to the prevention of electronic skimming.

Tyler Harris is our main meeting guest presenter, and he will:

– Provide us with a live demo of the new phone app that lets criminals steal your card’s credentials;

– Show us first-hand how Armourcard’s jamming technology enables users to prevent criminals from stealing your credentials;

– Tell us what other personal items that are at risk – such as ePassports; and

– Give us some insights into electronic fraud.

Armourcards won’t require an armoured guard of cash to pay for one either, at $49.99 each they’re an inexpensive investment in protecting your credit and debit cards – and while I’m still yet to get a final a-ok, I believe Armourcard will give two cards away for the raffle!

So… be sure to be at the main meeting to learn about this very real threat and how you can protect yourself, your cards, your identity and your money.

We’ll also have all the usual segments from Q&A to news, your views, interesting sites, cool gadgets that I have to show you and, of course, our once-a-year AGM.

See you on Tuesday night!




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