Tuesday 26 November – Main Meeting – 5:30pm for 5:45pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Can you believe it? It’s nearly time for the last main meeting of the year, Tuesday the 26th of November, complete with mini mid-meeting Christmas party and nibbles for our loyal main meeting attendees.

This month we will learn about Project Ophelia and the quest to give you your own “Personal Cloud Access” on a USB-style stick.

Our presenter is impressively named Aarron Quach, Sales Engineer at Dell, who will be demonstrating Project Ophelia in all its glory – and end-user usefulness!
Here’s the blurb we’ve received to give us a taste of what to expect at Tuesday’s Main Meeting:

“Looks like a USB flash drive, performs like a computer. Securely access personal and professional content from any compatible display, in virtually any room, wherever you go.
Display your presentations or play your online games without a laptop or tablet. The ultra-compact Project Ophelia is extreme mobile computing, turning any display with an MHL or HDMI port into a high-quality window to the cloud.”

So… if you’d like to know how to carry around your own personal cloud access device in your pocket, while getting a front-seat view into one of the new futures for mobile computing, don’t miss our November main meeting!

We’ll have all our regular segments, too, from Q&A to news and more, so… see you there!



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