How to make your PC More effective — Part 5 — Good operator Training

How to make your PC More effective.

Good operator Training

PC systems work best when operated by well-trained staff. Solid training is the best way to turn PCs into effective production tools in the shortest time possible.

Well developed training procedures are the most efficient way to turn new staff into productive employees. The special case scenarios, that could never happen, should be covered as well as the normal day to day operations. Refresher courses are needed as well to keep everyone aware of all the options available.

Training should be periodically reviewed to make sure it covers any changes that have occurred since the last training update. All staff should undergo a training review to make sure they are familiar with all aspects of the system. What to do when things go wrong should be covered as well. This type of training may seem excessive but when needed it is critical.

Training procedures should be developed in cooperation with end-users to make sure they meet the needs of the end-user.




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