How to make your PC More effective – Part 3.

Brent Roberts

File structures affect PC operation

Poorly organised file structures have a negative impact on efficient PC operation.

The complete file structure configuration should be defined during the planning stage. Adding a prefix to a file name can be used to help group files together. This information should be included in the documentation as well.

Because the name of the folder, containing the file, becomes part of the file name, planning of how the whole file structure is organised, is needed.


The file contains information related to monthly account receivables for January.

The top folder would be ACTS

The next folder would be REC

the next folder would be MTH

The file name would be Jan.txt

When viewed on the system, the file would appear as C:\ACTS\REC\MTH\Jan.txt

This creates a meaningful file name, clearly defining the contents of the file without being overly long.

If the Accounting department deals with more than one type of Accounts receivable then an extended tag could be used.



Some utility programs will not process file names with blanks in them. When creating files use an underscore ‘_’ character in place of the blank to overcome this problem. As a general rule, file structure should not involve more than four levels of folders. Exceeding this limit causes the file name to become too long, making it hard to work with. Names of the file folders and the file itself should be kept as short as possible without compromising identification of data in the file. Creating a list of predefined abbreviations to identify the contents of the file is worth considering.

Web sites containing additional information about file structures.



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