How to make your PC More effective.

Brent Roberts

Utility programs most people will find useful.

PC’s are powerful and flexible problem solving tools.

Unfortunately the PC purchased from the store can not be manufactured to solve all your unique problems. Problems will vary with the work style of the operator and the type of work being done. Listed below are some utility programs that most people will find useful in making the PC more productive.

These include ;

  • Clipmate,
  • Recentx,
  • Notezilla,
  • My Base Desktop,
  • Personal Brain.

There are many useful utility programs available to fine-tune a PC to the user’s needs. Some are beneficial to most users, others are only useful to users with specific needs. Work styles of the user can influence the value of the utility program. Few people use all the options available with the program, but many people will find a few options very useful. Most utility programs have a free trial period to give new users a chance to try them and see how well they meet the user’s needs. Talk to your friends, join a PC user group, check on the web for details about how to use utility programs. It will be time well spent.

In future posts I will explore some of these programs and how they can be used to enhance PC productivity.

Aug. 23, 2013


One thought on “How to make your PC More effective.

  1. How to make your PC More effective.

    Tips non Computer Geeks can use to increase PC output.


    No special PC skills are needed to implement some procedures that make a PC more productive.
    The PC Desktop mirrors your physical desktop in some ways. If too many items are piled up on the desktop, time will be lost searching for the item needed. Time wasted searching for items needed can be frustrating as well.
    Configuring the desktop to user needs can save a lot of time. The main PC Desktop screen should only have 3 columns of icons on it. Most of these should be folders that contain items related to a particular system such as Accounting, Warehousing, Sales or some other system. This way the desktop only displays procedures related to the task being processed. This saves time by reducing the number of items the operator has to search through. This also reduces stress on the operator.
    Create extra desktop sub-screens, using file folder icons. Assign a name to each sub-screen related to the content contained on that sub-screen. Accounting related files could be grouped on a sub-screen called “ACT”. The “WH” sub-screen could contain programs and data files related to warehousing processes. Manufacturing material would be grouped in the “MAN” sub-screen.


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