Tuesday 27 November – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

We’re nearly at the end of 2012, but there’s still November to fully get through and all of December to go first, along with this final main meeting of the year, complete with our traditional Christmas Party – an event that has been moved to the end of the meeting so there’s no rush to get back in to hear the presentation and so that we have a bit more of a party!

We will, however, have a presentation to get through first, after Robert Israel’s rundown on new business, new discoveries, new news, new sites and new software, and after what will probably be a slightly shortened Q&A session, we’ll launch straight into our guest presenter, Derek Austin, Nuance Sales Director, Dragon Integrated Technologies!

Derek has visited the Sydney PC Users Group several times over the years, with his earlier visit this year to show us just how far voice recognition, voice transcription, voice command and voice interaction software has advanced to the heights we see on the iOS, Android and today, the Windows Phone 8 platforms, along with demonstrations of Nuance’s latest apps.

Next Tuesday, the 27th of November, Derek is back to show us the very latest versions of Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 for PC, and Dragon Dictate 3.0 for Mac, with both using the same Dragon voice engine.

Dragon Dictate 3.0 for Mac only launched in late September 2012, and the latest PC version only a couple of months before that, and Derek will demonstrate to us just how far and fluid voice recognition, voice transcription and powerful computer control can be achieved on PCs and Macs – simply by speaking.

Given the polished nature of Dragon’s latest 2012 editions, all you need to do is learn the voice commands to use the system, and once you do, a powerful new way to use and interact with your computer is unleashed, as Derek will powerfully demonstrate on the night, and naturally, there’ll be a couple of copies of Dragon software to win on the night, which could make a great Christmas for yourself or some lucky friend or relative

So, come along and see how the 2012 version of voice recognition software can change and improve your life at the Sydney PC Users Group Main Meeting – a place where you always get to “voice” your opinion, whatever the presentation!

See you then and see you there,



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