Tuesday 24 January – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt 

Hi everyone, hope you’ve all been having a very Happy New Year!

I’ve contacted HTC, who are going to launch Australia’s first 4G smartphone next week (on the day of our main meeting), as well as a separate company called Mr Mobile, to see if either, or both, are available to present.

Clearly, having left the invitations so late, I won’t know until Monday as to whether or not either company can come, but so far there’s definitely hope that either, or both, will actually be there. I’ll also be making some more enquiries on Monday to see who else I can rustle up at short notice, which of course is a situation entirely of my own making.

So… apologies that this message isn’t specifying a specific, locked-in presenter, but whatever happens, we will have a presenter there – even if I need to appear via Skype to do so, although I’ll naturally be working to get a major presenter there, complete with prizes of some kind.

I’ll ask John [Mathews, our Newsletter Guru – Ed.] to send out another e-mail with details as soon as at least one of the potential presenters is locked in, which should hopefully happen on Monday, if not over the weekend, so… please have a great weekend, and expect to hear more on Monday!



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