Tuesday 27 September – MAIN Meeting – 5:30pm – 8:30pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Hi everyone,

We were supposed to have CUDO come along this month, but they pulled out at the last minute which makes things difficult. I’m attempting to sort out another company and hope to have more info before Tuesday.

Until then, the backup plan is in place: a sneak peek at Microsoft’s Windows 8, thanks to Microsoft’s recent BUILD Conference in California.

Indeed, we’ll have a look at some Windows 8 stuff no matter who is our guest presenter next week, with Windows 8 shaping up to be a very interesting blend of an iPad-like system mixed with the Windows XP and 7 we all know very well. It could be the first real challenger to Apple, given the fact Google’s tablets haven’t been as popular as iPads.

So… I hope a real presenter comes through, but if not, we’ll definitely have fun, we’ll learn a lot, get some questions answered and some answers questioned, and marvel just how close we already are to the end of the year.

See you on Tuesday night!



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