XP Won’t Bootup — Part 3

After much Google searching for advice, booting XP in Safe-Mode and trying Restore Points (as far back as a month), nothing let XP boot up completely (just the moving blue squares).

We were then forced to reinstall XP afresh. This, of course, knocked out the dual-boot menu we had before. Microsoft warned us about this “Install the older OS first, then the later one”. Well, Windows 7 worked perfectly, so we weren’t about to reinstall that — just XP.

We tried downloading EasyBCD (which we were assured runs on XP) to construct a boot menu. Unfortunately, with a newly installed XP, it did not have any Service Packs installed. EasyBCD used the .NET Framework which, of course, failed to install. This left XP in a strange state (not recognizing USB memory sticks), although after initial XP installation they were recognized correctly.

We then booted from the Windows 7 Installation disc and reconstructed the boot menu.

We may now have to reinstall XP to get it back on its feet.


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