Tuesday 25 May – Main Meeting – 6–8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

Apologies, yes – we do [have a presenter this month] – and next month has already been organised as well (Powermat and Simms – rechargeable battery technologies for computers, phones etc).

Ok, here we go:

Main Meeting – May 2010

This month, Matt Fleming, the national sales manager for LogMeIn.com, is coming to the Sydney PC Users Group to show us the very latest in remote controlling your home or office PC from another PC, your iPhone or other smartphone – and the Apple iPad.

Not only is it your chance to see the Apple iPad in action, days before the official Australian iPad launch, (and this you honestly don’t want to miss as the iPad is simply incredible) – but it’s also a great chance to see how much LogMeIn has advanced since we last had a presentation from the LogMeIn people.

With both free and paid options, LogMeIn is a very handy way to get access to another computer from anywhere else on the planet – even from your smartphone – while giving devices such as the iPhone and iPad the ability to run “Adobe Flash” content on your iPhone or iPad’s screen – something the iPhone and iPad can’t do natively. There’s also a Google Android version of LogMeIn on the way, now in beta.

Prizes of paid LogMeIn software will be up for grabs in the raffle, and while there sadly won’t be any iPads to win (well, on this occasion anyway), seeing the future of technology before anyone else can get their hands on it is something you must be at the May Main Meeting to experience for yourself!

So… see you there – and don’t forget that CeBIT, the technology expo at Darling Harbour, is on next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.




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