Tuesday 24 November – Main Meeting – Report

Elaine Rush

David Hall

Tuesday’s Main meeting welcomed the return of David Hall from Symantec (click View Product Tour) who shared with us the details of the brand new Norton Internet Security 2010. The evening was extremely informative on the need to have internet security to guard against cybercrime.

Some of the key benefits with the new product are that it gives you a greater insight into downloaded applications and files by telling you where they came from, if they are trusted, and how they may impact your PC’s resources and performance. Stops online identity theft, viruses, spyware, bots and more, guards your PC, online activities, and your identity against all types of internet threats.

David noted that Norton 360 Version 4 beta was available to try. For those who have any questions there is also Norton Community which one can use to scan the threads for topics of interest or create your own. For fastest results, use the search feature to find related conversations.

For the evening’s raffle Symantec donated 10 copies of Norton Internet Security 2010, our thanks to David, Natalie and Symantec. Steve South kindly sent photos of the lucky recipients, unfortunately there are too many to include in the newsletter, I am sure they will be on the club’s website soon.

To the lucky winners congratulations:

Allan Matthews, Malcolm Robertson, Frank Bowman, Bruce Murrell, Ray Allum, Alan Durham, John Lucke, Joan Robertson, Antony Zaglas and Stephen South.


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