F-Lock Key on Microsoft Keyboard

With the new computer at the Web Design SIG, using Windows Explorer, we just wanted to rename a file. We knew that the shortcut was F2 but  hitting that gave no joy.

Finally we settled for using the right mouse click to select Rename. What were we doing wrong?

Later I needed to use F3 to exit without saving in an editor I was using. Again no way.

Then, after actually reading through all the text on the keys, I noticed the F Lock key. We hit that and the function keys then worked!

We should have noticed that something was different when all the Function keys had other text on the tops. In our defense, with the room in semi-darkness, we were touch-typing and just watching the projector image on the wall. Well, we knew where all the keys were, didn’t we?

Microsoft make many variants of their keyboards, but after a Google search, here’s one that looks similar to ours:

F-Lock key

3 thoughts on “F-Lock Key on Microsoft Keyboard

  1. Had a similar problem with my keyboard trying to enter a registration number. As I was the only person using the keyboard, I didn’t think to check the F Lock key for quite some time. The F Lock must have been pressed accidently when moving the keyboard. Must be more careful! jl

  2. Struck the same at our local Op-Shop computer. Was wondering why function keys wouldn’t work in MYOB. Then I discovered the F Lock key. Anyone know how to default it to On when the PC is started?

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