New desktop computer – part 4

Seven of us – Bill (Vice Pres), Bob, John L., John S., Peter, Roger and Warren (Pres) – turned up to the SIG Rooms for the 10am computer delivery. Bad news, however.

The video card we wanted wasn’t in stock. What? After some phonecalls, the suppliers agreed to an upgrade to one that they did have in stock (at no extra cost to us). They still needed time to finish the setup, but could have it ready by 1pm.

Sure enough, it was then ready. Bill and Bob walked to the computer shop and saw it booted up and running with the nice black Microsoft keyboard and all the promised goodies connected. Bill carried back the heavy Computer Case and Bob juggled the keyboard and mainboard boxes under the arm.

First we booted up XP and spent some time installing Kaspersky Internet Security (getting emails for Customer ID and Activation ID) – is there no end to the carry-on ?

Next we Activated XP, downloaded IE8 and caught up with 13 Critical updates and 9 Optional updates.

Some of the group had to leave by this time, so Bob and Roger stayed to boot up the Windows 7 RC 64-bit OS to see how it runs. We didn’t want to stay online without installing Kaspersky and so decided to continue next Tuesday before the Monthly Main Meeting.

In the morning, before collecting the machine, we looked at a couple of other computer shops in the area to find an external disk enclosure for our (now) old 160 GB IDE drive.  We tried that out under Windows 7 and it worked very well, of course, so any SIG leaders who wish to retrieve any of their data can easily do so.


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