New desktop computer – part 2

Amendments to wish list:

  • I have been told that we already have a Webcam (the one we use at the Monthly Main Meetings). D’oh!
  • For a very little extra, we can have 2 x 1 TB disks instead of 2 x 500 GB disks. Wow.
  • The  top-of-the-range Intel CPU (the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor) might be within budget. Double wow.

See the Intel specs for the Core™ i7 Processor.  Quote: “They are the best desktop processors on the planet.” Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?  🙂


4 thoughts on “New desktop computer – part 2

  1. Feedback I have received from computer clubs using dual boot is that many problems have been experienced with multipurpose computers ie different programs for different user groups. The solution is to have a mobile rack with two separate hard drives, one for XP and the other for W7 in this case.

  2. Dual Booting Issues:

    Say we set up XP on one drive (with 2 partitions) and Windows 7 on the other drive (also with 2 partitions).

    If SIG Leaders then want to use a particular program on both Operating Systems, they must install them separately on both.

    Don’t rely on data for the installed program to be on the “D:” drive, since that drive may now be drive “F:”.

    In this case, install program and data on the current System’s “C:” drive and you will have no drive letter conflicts.

    There is also no need for a mobile rack with separate hard drives. This would only waste time at the beginning of meetings closing down one system, changing the hardware and rebooting. I know — we’ve done this for several years at the Web Design SIG. We haven’t dropped a disk yet, but…

  3. Are you saying, John S, that you have found programs that run in XP which WILL NOT RUN IN WINDOWS 7 ? And that’s why you want the Operating Systems separated from each other (ie one disk IN the computer, and the other OUTSIDE and on a shelf somewhere) ?

    Windows 7 (Ultimate at least) can run programs in XP mode in this case.

    However, I personally have not found any XP programs (nor even good old DOS ones) that will not run perfectly well under Windows 7.

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