Monthly Archives: July 2009

Second edit button bar mystery solved

The button on the top-right of the first line of edit buttons is a toggle which shows/hides the second line.

Here is a screen-shot showing the layout:

Toggle to reveal second line


Links and Blogroll go to new Tab now

The links in categories Links and Blogroll will now go to a new Tab.

This was done by clicking Links and then Edit in the Dashboard at the left.  Select the link to change and click edit, click on the new target (_blank for example), then finish with Update Link.

The editor also allows you to delete links (which we thought must be the case, of course).

The only remaining puzzle with Add New Post is the mysterious “Path: p”, below.  Please explain.

Blog editor buttons

When we begin to edit these blog entries in WordPress, a second line of buttons appears momentarily.  We can’t read what they are before they vanish into the haze.

Can anyone enlighten us ?   Maybe they are word-completion or font buttons ?