Tuesday 28 July – Main Meeting – 6-8 pm

Alex Zaharov-Reutt

LogMeIn is probably best known for its remote control software, letting people access their home PCs from work or vice versa, but over the years, LogMeIn has grown to offer many more products and services – even letting you use your iPhone to log into and control your home PC!

While basic PC remote control capabilities are still free from several companies including LogMeIn, paid versions grow ever more sophisticated as do the options to support other users in your circle of family or friends.

Even authorised remote control of mobile phones is now possible, a feature only LogMeIn presently offers, which can be used by companies to remotely support their smartphone carrying employees and executives, or by computer tech support companies wanting to offer the same to their own customers – and even by individuals wanting to provide a remote phone support service for family members.

Seth Shaw
Seth Shaw

LogMeIn’s Asia Pacific general manager, Seth Shaw (pictured), will show us the latest in remote control capabilities, including how you can control your home PC from your iPhone 2G/3G/3GS (or even Wi-Fi connected iPod Touch) – and other devices, and show us the other ways LogMeIn’s online software can help consumers and businesses manage and support the IT side of their lives.

From LogMeIn’s website, it offers “software-as-a-service suite of solutions includes capabilities for on-demand customer support of PCs, smartphones and other devices, systems administration, remote access, remote control, file-sharing, virtual private networking, data back-up and online meeting.”

So to see where software-as-a-service, online cloud computing, smartphones and the desktop in the home and office all meet in cyberspace – come to the meeting to learn more, win some prizes in the raffle and to see LogMeIn’s latest and greatest online gizmology in action!

Cheers and best regards, Alex.


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