Tuesday Seniors SIG

Today we were at the usual 3rd Tuesday of the month’s Seniors SIG and hearing the usual Q & A, when someone asked about changing the BIOS settings (clock speed or boot order etc).  The modern PC user usually doesn’t need to change (or even know about) such settings, but the old DOS hands knew all about the topic.

At bootup time, some PCs  need the DEL key, others ESC or one of the function keys (often F10) to get into the BIOS.

We all had the bright idea of shutting down the club’s desktop PC that we were using and trying it so everyone could see the process on the screen at the front of the room.

All seemed normal while we looked at the CPU speed multiplier  (but did not alter it), then decided to alter the bootup sequence.  It was Hard disk | Floppy disk | CD.  We set it to CD | Floppy disk | Hard disk (I think).  Then we rebooted.

Harmless we thought.  XP came up OK to the initial splash screen and then gave us the blue screen of death.  Not once, but half a dozen times.  We tried reloading the BIOS defaults (F5).  No.  We tried setting the boot order to our original setting.  No.


The SIG Leader had his own laptop to demonstrate some Video Editing software after the coffee break, so we could finish the second hour of the morning meeting.

To be continued…


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