Akismet meaning

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Akismet is derived from “Automattic Kismet”. The first word is the company that Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress started.

Kismet is a Turkish word that meant “fate”, “fortune” and “destiny”. It is a direct derivative from Arabic قسمة (Qismah, or Qismat) which literally means “share”. The same word is used in Urdu, Hindi, Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian.

In Islamic theology, everything is preordained. This concept was however taken to its fatalistic ends in recent centuries, making it an excuse for not acting on anything for some.

The word play here is that each comment get a kismet depending on its content.


One thought on “Akismet meaning

  1. Just testing to see if this comment is held for moderation. And it was.

    [Ed: Last sentence added by sydneypcug]

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