Fonts Available

I like the kitchen sink!

Heading 1

is red better ?


Custom characters – only 8bit ASCII, not  √ ∞ , but you can paste from word,  so maybe that will import more fonts.

The A only gives colours or colors, as the spell checker does not like the former.

ไทย ไก่ in Thai copy/paste from OO appears OK here, we’ll see how it appears later. Character encoding is copied. not the font.

Hover over the p in Path: p and the bottom line shows javascript:;  Clicking on the p highlights the current line (or paragraph) to save you swiping it. And when your paragraph is Heading 1 the p changes to h1.


Plaice knot yore trussed inn spilling chequers.


3 thoughts on “Fonts Available

  1. That big space near the top was in Heading 1 – big and black.

    At least the Thai worked. ไก่ and maybe here too.

  2. If you hit Cntrl/A (select-all), you can see the text “Heading 1”, so your heading came out White-on-White.

    Great, huh ?

  3. But it showed black when editing, just like the red showed red ! And why does my newly added avatar not appear ???

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